Calendar of Practices for Rinpoche – Joining Energies

practice calendar

Dear Vajra siblings, gakyils, lings & gars,

We know many of you are doing practices dedicated to Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s health. We would like to give visibility to the practices you usually do and thus give other practitioners, lings or gars the possibility to join your practices.

For that purpose, we are creating a calendar where we can put the day, time and type of practices you are doing. This calendar will be visible in Dzamling Gar & Practicing Together websites.

The aim is to promote more global practices dedicated to support the health of our beloved Rinpoche. With this new tool, we can more often join our energies through our practices in a self-organized way.

We kindly invite you to send us the days when you are planning to do these practices and we will publish them on the calendar of practices on a regular basis.

Please write to:

Long Life to our Master!!!

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