A Project to Develop Tourism and Cultural Exchange

This project stems from the vision of our Master and the Community of Merigar, to make our cultural association, the International Dzogchen Community of Merigar, more independent at a financial level.  Thanks to this new project, the future holds many more possibilities that in the end could result in a stable, self-sustained community in all its aspects.

The difficulty to find work in the area surrounding Mount Amiata is well known and this project is intended to open up new possibilities to fill this gap. The activities that will come about from this project will allow, above all, for young people to stay near Merigar, having a chance to work and participate, thus, also being actively part of the internal life of the association.

Thanks to the suggestions and instructions generously donated by our Master, we have elaborated on the project that regards tourism, art, culture, and, in general, business.

We have already begun collaborating with Chinese tourist agencies.  Contracts have been signed for activities regarding tourism as a commercial action between China and Tuscany, in collaboration with local businesses from both territories.

project tourism cultural exchange

The Chinese team and its business’partners

Looking at the aspects of tourism, in particular “external” to Merigar’s Community, the following has already been implemented:

  • The opening of a tourist office in China
  • The opening of a tourist assistance service in Tuscany
  • The creation of various tourist itineraries.
  • Contacts with persons and local companies to facilitate the varied activities
  • The availability on the part of different companies in participating and organizing within the project
project tourism cultural exchange

A business partner showing his products

project tourism cultural exchange

Model of a future hypermarket







The aspects that will be taken care of by the Merigar Community are:

  • Support for welcoming tourists, both with assistance for the logistic organization and more in general with a warm and joyful welcome in Merigar’s facilities.
  • Activities dedicated to well being, such as relaxing together with joyful dances and with cultural visits to Merigar and places in the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

As for the artistic aspect, the activities are:

  • The development of a new way of understanding art, fusing Oriental and Western aspects with the most modern materials and most advanced techniques
  • Exchange of knowledge between artists, mentors/experts and students, at an international level
  • Marketing of the art work such as statues, paintings and ornamental motifs
  • The organization of art exhibits for promotional purposes of various projects

On the general cultural level:

  • Promotion of the latest technologies and training of young people in this field.
  • The development of various commercial projects based on these new technologies
  • Search for funds to sponsor these new projects with equipment, materials and training programs
  • Marketing of products from these ventures

At the business level:

  • International trade through a company already created in China, for this purpose
  • International cultural exchange through exhibits, conferences and itinerant museums, between the Sichuan provinces, Italy and neighbouring countries.
  • Trade in wines, olive oil and Tuscan cheeses in China
  • Exchange of expert physicians, between the West and China
project tourism cultural exchange

Chinese officials from the Chengdu Cultural Office

project tourism cultural exchange

The new company’s license

The benefits for the community are:

  • Creation of jobs, especially for young people, to allow them to remain near the Gar
  • Financial assistance, as substantial as possible for the Merigar Community.

Once stabilized, these projects will be managed by young people, responsible for the different sectors, and will be handed over to them depending on their capacity and dedication to take them forward in the future.


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