Project Update Merigar West, Tuscany, Italy

project update merigar west

Walking along the path at Merigar on a windy day a fox came to meet me downwind. He was hurrying along with his head down, and only realizing that I was there at the last moment, turned around and retraced his steps along the path that leads to Gönpa. The little fox is a keen witness of the projects that have started or are about to at Merigar West.

project update merigar westThe Path of Awareness is one of the projects that have been presented for funding with the aim of developing and creating areas for individual and group meditation in the open air. They will be places where one will be able to get in touch with oneself, to discover or train a relaxed presence and an open awareness, immersed in a total and profound relationship with the magical nature of the land around Merigar.

On the advice of our consultant at the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e il Restauro in Rome, an inspection of the structure of the Gönpa and the surrounding land has been carried out. Ms. Cavezzali reminded us of the importance of the Gönpa as a valuable architectural monument that has become part of the artistic patrimony of the territory. Its magnificent structure in copper and glass needs to be preserved with restoration works so that it can exist over time as precious place of practice.

The results of the structural survey will allow us to prepare the restoration project, starting from the structure and the roof and finishing with the precious interior paintings and the decoration of the exterior.

Below the Yellow House, work has begun on the preparation of the new road leading to the Mandala Room and the Library.

This springtime the meadows of Merigar are green and multi-colored wildflowers dot the landscape. We are preparing to welcome practitioners and visitors for the many activities on our spring-summer program, with the hope that the Master recovers all his strength and is able to come to Merigar for this beautiful summer that awaits us.

The summer program is intense and varied: events, workshops and courses are planned for people approaching the Dzogchen Community for the first time as well as for expert practitioners. Most importantly, the June retreat will be an opportunity to gather together, practice and relax with different types of activities. People will be able to participate in guided meditation sessions, Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance Teacher Training, and many practice weekends and days.

Events for children, teens and adults are planned, such as the day dedicated to Kyudo Archery or the week of Yoga Holidays for adults and children.

project update merigar west

We are all waiting for you to participate in the courses, to practice together and to walk on the path of Merigar hoping to meet our friend, the fox, along the way.

Carla Gnecchi, Merigar West Gakyil

Merigar West Summer 2018 Courses & Events

29-30 June & 1 July
Kumbhaka Course
with Fabio Andrico

13-15 July
Khaita Joyful Dances Deepening Course
with Adriana Dal Borgo and Salima Celeri

27-29 July
Shamatha – Calming the Mind
with Elio Guarisco

3-8 August
Dance of the Song of the Vajra Base Course second part
with Prima Mai, senior instructor, supervising two candidates: Issa Cox and Adrian Mascherpa.

4-5 August
Kumar Kumari
with Laura Evangelisti

6-8 August
Yantra Yoga instructors meeting

8-9 August
Dance of the Song of the Vajra Deepening Course
with Adriana Dal Borgo

16-18 August
Chod explanation and practice retreat
with Costantino Albini

18-21 August
Kalong Dorje Kar or Dance of Space of the Song of the Vajra study group
with Prima Mai

21-24 August
Combined practice retreat: Gomadevi and the Dance of the Vajra
with Prima Mai

25-31 August
Yoga Holiday for adults and children

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