Reflecting on the Legacy of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

2020 sacred art biennial

In these days, thinking about the second anniversary of the passing of our beloved Master, I have asked myself what the legacy of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu is for me. I’m also trying to understand how to interpret this feeling in my personal work in a team with many others building the International Atiyoga Foundation (which should communicate the legacy of its very precious founder to the world).

To be honest, the only thing that comes to my mind is guru yoga, Ati guru yoga, a bright white A in the center of my body. Not much else. This relaxes me a lot and my narrow vision broadens, just for a while. Then to prolong this condition I also sing the Song of the Vajra, so I feel more myself.

And all the rest? All the various ATIF departments and the various activities that we should communicate to the world, the questions about what is open to the outside public and what is not, about the problems connected to the different entities of the Dzogchen Community, the problems of membership, who can give the transmission, who cannot, the guidelines for the public courses, and so on …. are they all only relative aspects? I really think so, in the end.

Then I considered that if many of us have been fortunate enough to understand the real meaning of guru yoga, if we can practice it daily, maybe several times a day, then it is already a lot. And what we will be able to communicate to those around us, without any presumption of giving a direct introduction to the state of rigpa, but simply by living, will already be a great deal.

If, by staying just for a few seconds every day in our authentic condition, we will be able to live coherently and authentically, working with the circumstances that arise before us, with total internal and external honesty, we will undoubtedly be able to communicate the legacy of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to those we meet in our life path, simply by behaving with deep coherence with ourselves, without being too distracted and having, perhaps, a little courage, always trying to respect the dimension of others and collaborating at least with those close to us.

Then we will always make mistakes – it will be enough to notice them, hoping that others will forgive us, just as we forgive others, in short, staying a little relaxed.

So, speaking of taking a little courage, I decided to communicate these thoughts of mine, as one of Rinpoche’s students, to his other students with whom I have found myself sailing in the same boat.

Good practice everyone!

Marco Baseggio
International Atiyoga Foundation Chairman

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