Retreat of the Dance of Song of the Vajra in Wangdenling

dance vajra wangdenlingby Marek Bilko

From the 8th to 10th of March, 2019, Wangdenling, Slovakia, hosted a retreat on the Dance of the Song of Vajra for advanced practitioners under the guidance of Vajra Dance instructor, Elisha Koppensteiner.
Wangdenling is an ideal place for such a course, not only because there is a beautiful mandala integrated into the floor with heating, but also because of the open space in nature where the gönpa stands.
Practitioners from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria took part in the retreat. Despite the time of the retreat being the beginning of March, the weather was very welcoming.
My personal impressions from the retreat are very positive. In my view Elisha is a very good instructor of the Vajra Dance and also a very kind human being. She can intuitively assess the needs of the practitioners as well as uncover their weak points while sensitively showing them how to proceed in order to improve their practice.
I would also like to mention the kindness and helpfulness of the geko, Luděk, who took great care of us for the whole duration of the retreat; and overall the sangha of practitioners who live at or come to Wangdenling and create a warm atmosphere in this beautiful place, which is why my wife and I love to come back again and again.

dance vajra wangdenling

Photo by Martin Žilka

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