Retreat with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

 in North Kunsangar, Russia

Kunsangar north cropDear Sangha,

North Kunsangar is happy to invite you to the summer retreat with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu which will take place 24-28 July 2015 at Kunsangar North, Russia.

We have decided that this retreat should be organized according to the principle of generosity and should bring to life the idea of our Master. This also means that the Teaching may become accessible for everyone.

On previous occasions while preparing the retreat and Rinpoche’s arrival we had to be sure that there would be enough people coming to the retreat in order to cover all the organizational costs. Now we need to be sure that there will be enough sponsors and resources for different purposes related to the retreat organization.

The idea of the generosity principle is not that this is just a retreat that is free of payment, but rather than every participant can contribute to the Teaching in accordance with his or her awareness and opportunities, thus helping those in difficult circumstances.

We will be grateful for your contribution and invite you to become sponsors of this retreat! Later we will present our budget and share all related information about the organization process with you.

May your practice of generosity be perfect and thanks to that many sentient beings will be able get in touch with the Teaching of Ati and the merits of it will be infinite!

Gakyil of Kunsangar North
Kunsangar North, Russia



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