Retreats in Belarus


Participants in the Vajra Dance of the 12 A with instructor Lenka Tchernobay

Two events at one time took place in Jigdralling, the community of Belarus: 22-24 August – a retreat on the practice of Purification of the 6 Lokas, 23-24 August – a retreat on learning the Vajra Dance of the 12 A (Khalong Dorjekar). The Vajra Dance retreat was held thanks to the Vajra Dance instructor Lenka Tchernobay, our compatriot who has been living for a long time in Germany. The retreat was spontaneously organised and held thanks to the kindness and participation of the instructor and activity of all people interested in this wonderful practice transmitted by our precious Master. Everyone studied with interest and joy.


Participants in the practice of Purification of the 6 Lokas

The courses inspired the participants for further study of Vajra Dance, regular practice of the 12 A and practice of the Purification of the 6 Lokas. The Gakyil and members of the Community will put all their efforts into having our own Mandala and a suitable place because we are already inspired and wish to learn and practice all Khaita activities!

Yulia Boyko


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