Updates on Rinpoche’s Residence at Samtengar

rinpoche's residence samtengar

The construction project of Rinpoche’s residence is nearing completion. After months of dedicated hard work led by Wes Guo, Tracy Ni, Xiao Lan, and project manager Ming Xiao, the building is almost ready for move-in. With final works on plumbing and electrical going smoothly ahead, it is expected to be completed within the coming weeks.

rinpoche's residence samtengar

Looking out from the common area

The four-story building will be home to Rinpoche and Rosa, as well as their attendants during the summer retreats in Samtengar. The ground floor will be Rinpoche and Rosa’s residence, while Rinpoche’s attendants will stay on the second floor. During retreats, the third floor will house the Gar personnel as well as regular residents, while the fourth floor will host donors who made significant contributions to the Gar.

Construction of the pavilion in front of the building is currently being planned and should commence in the coming weeks.

rinpoche's residence samtengar

A view from the side

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