Santi Maha Sangha and Yantra Yoga at Tashigar South


From February 14 to 17, 2015 we did a workshop on Santi Maha Sangha and Yantra Yoga at Tashigar South. Around twenty people attended, some of them new and others more experienced. We worked together in a very relaxed and smooth way.

In the Santi Maha Sangha oriented thuns, Ricky Sued explained the differences between the different paths to realization in a very clear and easy way and we did practices related to them,trying to understand those differences in a concrete way.

During the Yantra Yoga thuns guided by Marisa Alonso, and taking into consideration the many different conditions of the people gathered, the focus was on the understanding and application of the correct complete breathing, exercises to unlock the different tensions that make it difficult to apply the breathing in a fluid way, the tsigjong to loose the body, some lungsang, and the soft phases of the rhythmic breathing.

We are planning more meetings in the near future!

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