Secret Rushen, 3rd Pranayama and Gomadevi at Dejamling

secret rushen dejamling

During the holiday weekend (May 2019), Stoffelina and Stella offered us five days of teaching and practice of the secret Rushen and the 3rd Pranayama. For me it was a discovery of great richness and finesse. The dialogue between these practices took place naturally and beyond words in the sensory and sensitive experience. Expansion and retraction worked as a common thread between these two practices.

It’s been a few months since I felt the need to take a closer look at the issue of breathing. I think that aspect of the practice is essential. After several readings, and after attempting to follow the Mandarava teachings related to this aspect of practice through Webcast, this weekend was very timely! Before coming to this weekend, Kumbhaka had been for me a mystery coupled with a complex practice reserved for the yogic elite! Thanks to simple and graduated exercises, Stella was able to demystify this exercise and especially to accompany us in a concrete and sensitive experience of Kumbhaka.

A little later, for Pentecost, Stoffelina and Sandor accompanied us in a retreat dedicated to the practice of the Jnana Dakini Gomadevi. This practice, combined with the Dance of the Song of the Vajra, allowed me to touch with my finger the continuity and therefore the non-duality that exists between sound and silence, movement and space. Connecting the different practices of the Community is an essential aspect for me, which allows me to deepen my understanding a little more and uniqueness of each practice… while understanding that they are not separate! Thus, alternating sitting practice and Dance of the Vajra chant, on the open mandala at Dejamling is a profound experience of integrating practice… and dialogue between oneself and the practice, between oneself and the environment that surrounds us… dialogue opening the path of non-separation.

These moments are precious and help to make me a better person… no doubt! So for all of those reasons, I‘d like to thank all those with whom I had the joy of sharing such moments, thank you Stoffelina, Stella and Sandor for having so subtly and skilfully guided us in the discovery of those essential experiences… and of course thank you to our Master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu for his boundless compassion that continues to shine within the Dzogchen Community… and far beyond!

Claude Cereize on his experience of the last retreats at Dejamling.

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