September 13 Full Moon Ganapuja Webcast Practice

From Namgyalgar at 18:00 (GMT+10)

september 13 ganapuja webcast

Dear Vajra Family,

We are happy to announce the next Ganapuja Full moon webcast practice from Namgyalgar (Australia) on September 13th at 18:00h (GMT+10)

We will do Medium Ganapuja with little longer Naggon, Namkha, Lungta and Invocation of the Lamp.

Link: http://webcast.dzogchen. net/index.php?id=practicing- together-html5

Next Ganapuja webcast practices dates/places:

Sunday October 13th – Full moon (Dzamling Gar at 17:00h – GMT+1)
Tuesday November 12th – Full moon (to be confirmed)

Vajra Dance global practice (no webcast) FULL MOON globally-synchronized- practice/

We hope you can follow the practice. Let’s join our energies for the benefit of our planet & all sentient beings.

With Love,

Practicing Together Team

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