Shang Shung Foundation Webcast Day

Dear all,

We want to remind you that July 6, there will be a whole day dedicated to the entire activities of the Shang Shung Foundation, the International Institute for Tibetan Culture, with its 8 seats all over the world.

From 10-12 am we will present in essential words the manifold activities and initiatives of the worldwide Foundation and that will be webcast from the Gönpa in Merigar West.

That will be a unique possibility to understand the enormous work that we do.

Mark Farrington from the International Gakyil will also speak about the relationship of the International Dzogchen Community and the Shang Shung Foundation.

In the afternoon we will work in specific work-groups focusing on IT, Archive, Library, Tibetan Language, Tibetan Medicine, courses, future activities, etc.

Our work in the afternoon will not be webcast.

So see you at Merigar or in webcast.

Very best wishes and thank you for your participation,

Oliver Leick
Director of the Shang Shung Foundation
International Institute for Tibetan culture


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