Shang Shung Publications Looks For Editors


Dear Vajra Family,

Shang Shung Publications, established by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in 1983, has published several hundred books, as well as audio and video products. It is thanks to the precious help our Master, but also of many of you that the existing publications appeared. You helped by transcribing the teachings of the Master, by correcting and proofreading the manuscripts, by working on illustrations, by sending us your photographs, by designing layouts and implementing them, by sending us your feedback, by working on  the Tibetan, by purchasing the products, by sponsoring some of them and so forth.

There are many more books to come, but our ability to present you new books depends to a large extent on your help.

The main work on the text is done by editors. If you have time and wish to help Shang Shung Publications in publishing more books, and are a native English speaker with experience in editing, please visit our requirements page:

A heartfelt thank you to everybody!

Best wishes,

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