SMS1 Course with Fabio Risolo in Dejamling France

SMS1 Dejamling

In a remote corner in the South of France hides Dejamling, the Land of Infinite Bliss. This is where nine of us (+ one Italian practitioner on Saturday afternoon) gathered from September 28 till October 1, 2017 for a Santi Maha Sangha Level 1 retreat guided by Fabio Risolo. Time was short but both teacher and students worked hard together and we successfully completed the course! Some of us had already passed the exam of the Base level some time ago, others had passed it more recently but we were all ready to travel the path together as a family. Such was the atmosphere during those four sunny days.

Fabio can attest that along with the study, we organised cooking teams in a friendly competition in which we showed conviction and determination, for the good of all! We discussed gently, danced Vajra and Khaita Dances. Those prepared to wake up early practiced Yantra Yoga with Elerin. This was a joyful and perfect retreat!

We all express our gratitude to our compassionate Master who initiated the precious Santi Maha Sangha Teachings and to Fabio whose wisdom cheered us on to the goal. Thank you.

Elisabeth Dong

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