Song of the Vajra Dance in Marseille, France


28-29th of November 2015

What a wonderful special retreat weekend of the Song of the Vajra Dance we just had in Marseille!
We were about twenty or so to answer Stoffelina’s proposal to deepen our presence in the Dance of the Song of Vajra, and more specifically in each part of the Dance corresponding to each series of Teachings: the Four Contemplations, the Four Das, the Four Chogzas…until the 3 Kayas.

Dancing in that  way many times  allowed us to explore and raise our awareness in each part of the Dance as a full and complete Teaching. Each part becomes a Tun in itself of about thirty minutes, followed by the complete Dance of the Song of the Vajra.

The numerous participants followed the advice of Stoffelina. Divided into two groups, we alternately sang and danced each part followed, then, by the Song of the Vajra in its entirety.

Doing so, the course of the retreat was very fluid, giving everyone  the possibility to live an experience of presence, availability, relaxation and joy. And also, it allowed us to be more  present in the mirroring of the movements of Pamo and Pawo, to their respective movements and interactions, leading us to be more present to each other .

Of course, we did not have enough time to dance all Teachings series of the Song of the Vajra. It will be for another retreat.

We thank our precious Master with all our devotion and our gratitude. We are very grateful to Stoffelina for having imagined such a retreat. And a huge thank you to every one who organised and helped to celebrate, in joy, dancing the Song of the Vajra.

Anne Zucker.


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