Special Maintenance of the Merigar West Gönpa 

special maintenance merigar gonpaAlmost thirty years after the construction of Merigar West’s Gönpa (1990) and eleven since the expansion of the building (2008), due to some problems related to the degradation of the paintings inside and outside the building, to the infiltration of rainwater from the roof, and to the window frames, special maintenance of the entire building was necessary.

To this end, various professionals have been involved to ensure that the work is done in the best possible way.

On 12 April 2019, the lantern (the small structure mounted on the top of the domed roof) was removed and from 2 May the work will begin.

On the Merigar West website you can read the technical details of the work and the reasons for the choices made.
Already there are the first photographs of the beginning of the works, in the coming weeks we will update the page with the photos of the works in progress at this building to which we are all deeply connected.

Here is the page of the site where you can follow the work in progress for the special maintenance of the Merigar Gonpa and the technical reports of the professionals involved.

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