Special online sessions – Tashigar Sur online practices

Dear family,

This week we will have special sessions via Zoom with Alexander Pubants, Maxim Leshchenko and Prima Mai. All of them will be in English with Spanish translation.

Also we will have a reading meeting (Spanish/Enlglish) and a Talk with Laura Yoffe (only Spanish) “Looking at death from the perspective of Buddhism and Psychology in this pandemic time”

Link to access the meetings only in the Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PracticandoenTashigarSur2020/

This is a restricted Facebook group, only for those with Transmission. You will need to send a request to enter it. Please, reply to all questions at the beginning.
Contact: tashigarpracticasonline@tashigarsur.com

Tashi Delegs!
Tashigar South Gakyil

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e-mail: secretaria@tashigarsur.com

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