Shang Shung Foundation Meets the International Gakyil

SSF meets IG

During the recent Sangha Retreat in Merigar West, under the shade of trees swaying in the breeze, the Board of Directors for Shang Shung Foundation had an enjoyable and productive meeting with the International Gakyil.

After a round of introductions, the group discussed closer collaboration under the shared umbrella of The International Dzogchen Community. Oliver Leick, President of SSF, described the current objectives of the Foundation, and presented an optimistic look at some of its challenges. Members of the two groups brainstormed and developed a host of avenues in which the two groups can synchronize and share their knowledge and resources as one family.

In many areas, including IT, offering courses, presentations, and events, the SSF and International Gakyil Boards acknowledged their mutual energy to collaborate with a new level of unity. Everyone understood that they are working towards the same outcomes and there was a strong desire to actively coordinate the activities of the two organizations going forward. They discussed a variety of fruitful paths to traverse together in the year ahead and beyond.

Scott Diamond