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The construction of the Stupa of Perfect Victory is going on in Kunsangar North with the blessing of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

In the Buddhist tradition it is considered that a Stupa is a generator of spiritual energy, special blessing, and a state of joy and peace, with its purpose to manifest harmony and peace for all sentient beings, prosperity of the region and harmonization of natural forces. Everyone who sees it, circumambulates it and does offerings, accumulates great spiritual merits and receives the cause for liberation from suffering.

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Construction stages

On 6th of July, His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s birthday, we did the first concrete works and laid the concrete foundation of the building.

Then in the Stupa’s foundation we laid a bumpa made by Rinpoche for controlling negativities and bringing prosperity to the area. Guided by the experienced Stupa constructors from Bhutan and Nepal our karma yogis made and laid all necessary zazas, rilba, zungs. As well as the tsokshin – the stupa’s tree of life and central channel, various mandalas and vases and other necessary objects and substances.

Now all most important and hard work is already done.

At the moment we are elaborating the project of the metallic top which after being made and covered with gold will crown the 14-meters’ long Stupa of Perfect Victory. After we will have to do the inner finishing of the Stupa and landscape of the surrounding territory.

photo by Vlad Kusakin

photo by Vlad Kusakin

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How to Support This Project

We are happy to continue this project and invite you to help us according to your possibility for this good cause! Unifying our energy for this cause we create infinite merits for prosperity and liberation of all sentient beings!!!

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