Summer Deepening Course of the Dance of the Song of the Vajra

With Stoffelina Verdonk and Rita Renzi, August 12-17 in Dejamling, South of France

summer deepening course dejamling

For several years now, we have been organizing a week-long deepening of the Song of the Vajra Dance with Stoffelina Verdonk and a visiting instructor from abroad. After Luda and Zoltan, we had the chance this year to meet the dance of Rita Renzi.

summer deepening course dejamling

Logically, every year more and more of us come to refresh and perfect this practice that is close to our hearts. It is a moment of meeting and sharing with participants on the spot who participate not only in the event.

This year we mainly spoke French, Spanish and English. But we also benefited from a few sentences in Italian that go well with the explanations of the dance.

summer deepening course dejamling

See you soon in Dejamling or elsewhere in the world of our dear International Dzogchen Community!

Text: Hubert Kotowicz

Photos: Christine Lecesne



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