Summer Kumar Kumari at Dzamling Gar

by Carlotta Jovino and Ilaria Faccioli

This fantastic summer we hosted the first Kumar Kumari summer camp with twelve children at Dzamlingar. The first summer camp, organized by Carlotta Jovino with the support of Ilaria faccioli, lasted two weeks. Happy children were meeting every morning to start the day together playing, practicing Kumar Kumari and doing different art jobs with the petals of the flowers or the medicinal plants of the garden; with clay and the colors.

All the children of different nationalities and ages participated with great happiness and filled Dzamling Gar with laughter and joy. They also turned into pirates looking for the hidden treasure in the gardens of Dzamling Gar looking for Tibetan letters carved into the rock; they carefully learned songs and listened to stories. The children relaxed, discovering that there is the world of fantasy where everything is possible and where their enchanted characters and dreams can take shape.

The children arrived at the Gar around 9am, played a while and then they were divided into two groups: one of the older ones from six years up who were starting with Kumar Kumari with Ilaria, and the other group was made up of the little ones, from three years to five years old, and they stayed with Carlotta and with her excellent helpers: Sonia Savini and Laura.

After a couple of hours we all came back together for a snack in the cafeteria, then some artwork and then everyone jumped into the pool to play and jump until lunchtime all together in the cafeteria. At 2pm, the parents came to pick up their children!!!  It was a perfect summer at Dzamling Gar where even children can feel happiness and joy in peace and harmony.

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