Summer Retreat near Chartres, France 2020

summer retreat franceIn July 2020, for the fifth year, we had our Yantra Yoga retreat, with Patrizia Pearl and Jesus Martinez as instructors. It took place in a XVIth century manor surrounded by forest and a lake where we enjoyed canoeing and swimming.

At the manor, called “Le Moulin des Bouillons”, the Bubble Mill, practitioners talk about “an amazing week with fine encounters, laughter and rich experiences”.
Everything felt perfect, the setting and the conditions. The instructors were exceptional, generous, kind and credible. The team was also fantastic, fluent and harmonious. We shared great moments of laughter, and left happy and full of good feelings. It was just sad to leave this environment and our Vajra friends.

The purpose of the retreat was to deepen (and for some, to discover) the practices of the Fourth Pranayama and the Seventh Lodjong. The site offered two yoga rooms and most times Patrizia and Jesus could give separate classes for advanced, or easier and softer Yantra Yoga sessions suited to the capacities of each participant.

Some expressed how exceptional those moments were.
A new Yantra Yoga practitioner said thank you to Patrizia and Jesus. And also, to Jean-Pascal and Aaron for their wonderful accompaniment and the time they gave. She felt her body was getting more tonic, her breathing more fluent and her mind free from negativities. She was feeling present and free. She also noticed the instantaneous effects of these deep practices. How rich and fruitful the experience can be felt through gentle and soft application of each method.

Another practitioner explained: “This year, due to circumstances, we started every morning with the short Tun and felt it helped the practice, harmonizing the energies of the group. The development of the Pranayamas was a tremendous help, practiced together regularly”. This was her fourth retreat and she could see obstacles melting away.

And the conclusion with the words of Jean-Pascal:
“Excellent retreat from all points of view; due to their remarkable level, the two teachers, Patrizia and Jesus, were able to transmit, and to really put into effect the subtle practices such as as Kumbhaka and the Pranayamas.
The teaching was both collective and personalized by the attention given to each participant. This allowed real progress based on the level of experience of each participant.
The atmosphere, as ever, was friendly and concentrated…”

Obviously, this course must continue for a sixth year. Its quality strengthens each time, with more members.
Homage to the Master! May we all realize our full potential.

The Vajra team from the retreat.

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