Summer Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Dzamling Gar

with Alessandra Policreti for Yantra Yoga and Stoffelina Verdonk for meditation

July 24-30, 2019

by Hilda Palisek

Alessandra and Stoffelina were very good team – we learned much and it was very joyful.

In the Yoga classes with Alessandra we learned general practices for relaxing and stretching, Tsigjong, The Eight Movements and Pranayamas. Alessandra showed us also to do exercises on a chair if needed, or how to adjust the movement – for the correct breathing if the body of the practitioner was not so trained. At the end of the retreat I noticed that the exercises became really easier for my body, and that my body (and also mind) have become much more relaxed.

With Stoffelina we did different meditations; for relaxing the mind, for awareness and presence, for opening the senses, especially the eyes. Stoffelina told us about our powerful mind, the importance of tones, words, thinking patterns… what they are doing with us. And how to change if they are inappropriate, and don’t make us relaxed. At the end of the day we painted diary or wrote down the most impressive words.

We practiced in the new Gönpa, in the blooming and well-tendered garden of Dzamling Gar, and also in a very quiet place in the woods where the nature spirits were very present. We finished the retreat with a sunset meditation, sitting at the rocky beach.

And not to forget, the Dzamling Bar provided us with excellent food – fresh and light, just appropriate for such a retreat – starting with breakfast and all special diet requirements were fulfilled in an easy manner.

Also the weather was fine, although it was summer there was always a light wind, which was cooling. At night it was not so hot as well.

To put it in a nutshell: a well-balanced package.




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