Tashigar Norte Update and Fundraising Request

Margarita Island, Venezuela

by Rolo Carrasco

Since one of the latest posts in The Melong, where we gave some general view of our experiences in the current circumstances, we  received several messages of support and solidarity and many people have expressed their concern about our situation and their wish to help.


Restoring the Gönpa

As the Gakyil, we are aware that we reached the point where it is necessary to start a campaign to support Tashigar Norte financially. Over time we had tried so many things seeking for self-sustainability, with relative success in some cases, but always facing circumstances that suddenly make it difficult to keep what we had reached.

As the general crisis deepens, we are dropping all the projects we had been running one by one. Lately we were even seeking partnerships with big hotels around the area, in the search of an eco-spiritual tourist target. Unfortunately, even the big tourism industry of the island that somehow managed to survive until not so long ago, have finally reached a crisis and many of the big operators just closed their businesses, so again one of our alternatives was finished.

Doors before restoration

Doors after restoration

Over the last five years we worked in a very low profile mode, keeping our operation just to sustain the basics services. We canceled any development project and just focused to keep our current structure running. Of course, we still have the security issue, that it is abig portion of our budget – the largest. Under this structure of costwe spend around $12,000 per year. Not having any project that allowed usto produce any financial means, not having the possibility to organize any regular IDC events like courses or workshops, since we lack enough people to make any of these events profitable or even just to not lose money and having a very small base of members, the majority of whom reside in Venezuela, also subject to the same crisis, we end up very much relying on international generosity.

Ecofairs, (2012-2013) were events part of the Golden Turtle Project, the aim of which was to settle Tashigar North around agri-eco tourism






Ecofairs (2012-2013













With the support of the IG we are launching the TDN-FUNDRAISING that will be collecting funds to support our 2020 Budget. The fundraising event will last until December 31st, 2019. We created the site
https://tashigarnortesecreta.wixsite.com/tdn-fundraising in which we try to summarize our needs and where you will be able to contribute to our cause using the DONATE PAYPAL BUTTON. You can also donate directly to yellow@dzogchencommunity.org with the reference tdn-fundraising. Make sure in both cases that the tdnfundraising reference is noted.

The campaign was launched on July 30th, 2019,through our Facebook page. We encourage you to donate according to your circumstances and also share the post together with some message that links your heart with Tashigar Norte in your social networks.Something like #ourparadise#, #gomadevisgarden# or #turtlescanfly#…whatever pops into your mind and heart.

Oriente, was a three day Festival in La Asuncion aimed to awaken possible connections from local people to the Teaching. Around 2,000 people visit the different events including workshops, Yantra Yoga and Vajra Dance exhibitions, movies and a Sitar concert.

PDC. We organized two courses of Permaculture with the idea to give these tools to the residents of Tashigar Village to try to integrate their principles in our daily lives in order to transmit our experiences through the Tashipark Project.

Tashipark was a Project aimed to transmit some holistic knowledge to the children from local schools. We receive around 500 children during the time the project was working. Unfortunately after the riots started, schools forbid any activity out of campus for the children.

Our intention is try to cover the 35 % of the yearly budget ($ 4,000) through membership and the remaining 65% ($ 8,000) through the fundraising event. I want to take the opportunity to remind all the lot or house owners in Tashigar Norte to become a member here choosing Tashigar Norte as your place of residence. Keep in mind that due to the circumstances all the residents of Venezuela are only contributing a symbolic fee of $10 per year as membership. So what we collect locally is very limited, financially speaking.

Having your contributions of membership (at the international level fee) can make abig difference for us. Without your decision on this matter it will be difficult to reach our target. Also do your best to keep the payments of your fees up to date regarding the Village maintenance (PCTN AMF)that certainly covers the other half of Tashigar Norte budget.

We do not have experience organizing these kinds of fundraising events, but we are very sure that with the spirit of generosity andresponsibility we, all together, will be able to help to sustain Tashigar Norte until the bad times are gone. We are confident that those negative circumstances will be finished one day, and from that day on we will be in the position to return all the received support and caring love. That is our promise.

I don’t want to end this request without insisting to invite you to come to Tashigar Norte whenever you have the chance. If you have an adventurous spirit, this is your call. Even if for a short period of time it is still possible to come and enjoy. We can’t support any expense for the travel, but we can make sure that your stay here inside the Gar, where we can offer many alternatives of accommodation, will be safe and comfortable. For any additional information, write us to tashigarnortesecretary@gmail.com

This is a Sacred Land, blessed with the power of the transmission and a very special place where the elements are wild and alive, ready to empower your practice and experience.

We keep doing our best.

Thanks for all.


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