Tashigar North Fundraising Platform Presentation

Dear Vajra Family World-wide,

We are sending you warm greetings from Tashigar North. First of all, thank you very much for your contributions to our last annual fundraising! We completed our 2020 general budget and it also gave us the funds to restore the wooden doors of the Gonpa.

As you probably already know the circumstances in Venezuela and Tashigar North make every aspect of life and functioning really difficult (and some things even impossible). The small team of brothers and sisters that remain on Margarita are doing their best to preserve this Sacred Place where we received so many wonderful transmissions. We wouldn’t be able do it without your support!

Until new winds blow around us, we know that we can only continue with continued international generosity. We want Tashigar North to be self-sustaining. We continue to try to develop economic projects, but up till now nothing has come through concretely.

Here you can see a video of our Green Veggie Production Project led by our Red Gakyil Dmitri Kalmykov.

Veggie Project 🌱🌿☘️🍀

Posted by Tashigar Norte on Saturday, January 4, 2020


In the meantime, we have been brainstorming with the International Gakyil on some ideas that may help us to collect the necessary funds to keep running our basic operation to preserve Tashigar North for future generations. Here are some initiatives that we would like to introduce:


We are launching a series of postcards with images connected to Tashigar North. These precious images will inspire and keep alive the memory of so many wonderful moments we shared together. The postcards are available through our Tashi Shop website. You can buy them at a price of US $5 each. You will receive an email with the postcard of your choice in a JPG-format (in high resolution). We thank many of our Vajra brothers and sisters world-wide who responded to our request in the search of images to implement this project.


We offer a program of several musical concerts that we intend to have on a regular basis. We would like to schedule ONLINE CONCERTS on a monthly basis. So far we have compromised on this project with Carlotta Jovino, Louise Levi, Alex Pollack, and Alexander Bakunin.

As a big opening show, we will have our Varja brother Steven Landsberg performing a Raga concert:

 27TH JUNE AT 15:00 EDT (UTC/GMT – 4 HOURS).

The information on how to access the concert streaming:

ZOOM ROOM ID: 81206376628
PASSWORD: 570336

You could also use a link:

sms instructors meeting

Following the recommendations of the IG and in accordance with the teachings on generosity given by Rinpoche, access to online concerts will be free and subject to a voluntary donation that you can make on the “donate now” page: https://tashigarnortesecreta.wixsite.com/tashishop/fdr.

We take this occasion to invite all our Dzogchen Community musicians who would like to participate in this project and offer their skills in a program to be scheduled according to their possibilities.



On the website there is also a possibility to donate whatever amount that your circumstances allow you at any time, independently on the postcards or the online concert project. This particular fundraising set it up to a goal of US$15,000 which is the projected basic cost of our maintenance operation for 2021: https://tashigarnortesecreta.wixsite.com/tashishop/fdr.


Hydrolyzed Collagen is a product developed by our Vajra brother Gilberto Parrella, who has been in the health product business for more than 40 years and was very much involved in the planning, execution, and development of Tashigar North.

NutraBrain Hydrolyzed Collagen is obtained from pasture raised grass fed, it is lactose-FREE, sugar-FREE, non-GMO, soy-FREE, dairy-FREE.

You can buy a combo of 2 units in our Tashi Shop for $84.99 (shipping cost included). For each combo x 2 of NutraBrain Hydrolyzed Collagen sold by Tashi Shop, Tashigar North will be credited with $15. NUTRABRAIN HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN is a great nourishing and healthy product for you to take and at the same time allows you to help with our fundraising. This product will be available only for the USA and Venezuela.

We are also looking for IDC members interested in becoming distributors of Nutra Brain Hydrolyzed Collagen in their own countries. This operation will give a 5%-commission from the total amount being imported from any IDC member who establishes a business agreement with Nutra Brain. More information can be found on the Tashi Trade page.

Due to the particular regulations in Venezuela, the ONLY PAYMENT METHOD AVAILABLE on the website is a personal PAYPAL. The funds will be collected on the personal PAYPAL account of our Yellow Gakyil Rolando Carrasco until the fundraising reaches US$ 3,000 (the website is already set up) who will redirect them to Tashigar North through our regular channels. We are working to find a definitive solution on how to channel the collected funds to reach Tashigar North efficiently.

TASHI SHOP is not the official website of Tashigar North. We are using it as a platform to launch this fundraising project, basically because it is a low-cost website service provided by Wix. Our resources are very limited so we did not have a chance to improve our official site which is still www.tashigarnorte.org.

We cannot finish this message without expressing our special gratitude to:

Anjani Santos who redesigned and embellished our Tashi Shop Wix-site, Paola Damonte who helped us with the graphic design of the virtual postcards, Steven Landsberg who cares very much for this Place and brings to the International Gakyil our concern about our future, the International Gakyil who offer their hand every time it is needed.

We are also grateful to the lot and house owners of Tashigar North who are our main financial supporters even though they don’t have an opportunity to be present here and enjoy the place, and to all Vajra brothers and sisters who have sent their photos to be used in the project as well as to all the musicians that we are sure will join us is this task to preserve Tashigar North for future generations.

Please, if you are interested in participating in any of these programs or if you have some ideas on how to improve them or you need any clarifications do not hesitate and contact us at tashigarnortesecretary@gmail.com and rolocb76@gmail.com.

With love,

Tashigar Norte
Visit us – https://tashigarnortesecreta.wixsite.com/tashishop
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