Vajra Dance Teacher’s Training With Adriana Dal Borgo

teachers training kunsangar north

The Teacher’s Training First Level at Kunsangar North, Russia, held on March 24 – April 2, 2017, became a small experiment. This time it was combined with supervision. Three candidates, from Russia (Ulan-Ude), Ukraine (Kharkov), and Latvia (Riga) took part in morning sessions with all the participants, and during the afternoon sessions they explained the steps as instructors.

This format was unusual and in the words of Adriana Dal Borgo, “This format, working on different levels, was interesting and useful for understanding the Vajra Dance and at the same time the way of teaching”.

The Vajra hall was happy to see two filled Mandalas although the gakyil had expected practitioners to be more interested in the course. There were not so many observers despite the possibility of taking a course with an International Instructor.


The spring sun and the birds singing made a special atmosphere. A snowfall added to the miracle. All the pine trees were covered with snow to make Kunsangar North a snowy fairy land.

We are sincerely grateful to Adriana Dal Borgo for the course, which was attended by practitioners from different cities of Russia, from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, and from other countries: Ukraine, Latvia and Israel.

We will try to maintain the purity of the Teaching and practices of the Dance of the Vajra.

With many thanks! On behalf of all the participants and Gakyil.

teachers training kunsangar north

teachers training kunsangar north

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