Ten Days of Vajra Dance to Celebrate the Twenty Years of Dejamling in France


To celebrate the twenty years of our garden of Infinite Bliss, we had the great honor to welcome Prima May, International Teacher of the International Dzogchen Community, for the Vajra Dance in May 2018.

Up to twenty-four practitioners came from all over the continent (Russia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, France, USA, Japan) to take part in our “Study Group”, suggested by Prima Mai to discover a new dance.

Before the Kalong study group retreat of Kalongdorjeikar of the Song of the Vajra, we did a a small retreat the Kalongdorjeikar of 12 A and a three day retreat of the dance of the Three Vajras with our Instructors Nadia Pourreau and Stoffelina Verdonk and a day of tuns of the other Vajra Dances. One of the participants, Jorrit Ijpenberg wrote about that retreat:

My state deepened and became much more relaxed and an effortless presence appeared that made the timing of the mudra, but also the steps come naturally. (…) I had the remarkable sensation that the Mandala had crystalized in my inner dimension. (…) I highly recommend everyone in the Community to start organizing intensive Vajra Dance retreats. Rinpoche has given specific indications on how to organize three days retreat for all the Vajra Dances.”

dejamlingThen we explored the Vajra Dance of Space, Khalongdorjeikar of the Vajra Song, with Prima Mai, on the Longsal symbol for four days, sometimes outdoors on a dedicated place, when the weather allowed it, and sometimes in a big room rented in the neighborhood.

All the participants experienced such profound contemplation that poetry seemed to them the only way to celebrate that event and share with our Vajra family their sense of wonder.

Some observations:

“In Prima’s eyes, the mauve irises of Dejamling

On the Khalong mandala, our mindful steps in canon

In the Song of the Vajra, our arms spreading

On our lips, the taste of chocolate – A

The experience of sweetness, ever – renewed

In the Cevennes, sun, rain, or snow, what matter?

In our hearts, the warmth of the Sangha.

In Prima’s eyes, Rinpoche’s stars.”

Carole Georges, translation by Gabriela Arnon


One word comes to my mind that gather all of them in their differences: Communion.

A languorous transformation/purification flow, as a stormy river, through arid gorges of the mountains that mellows in a valley littered with daffodils and lotus flourishing at the arrival of this new spring.

From the dancing Body in the four winds, all movements unify to create the Great Cycle of the Great Mystery.

From the Sound, without form, I hear it all around me. Your Presence fills my eyes with tears.

This Sound of Love humble my heart as you are everywhere.

From The inquisitive look that arises on outside or on myself, subject to the tyranny of the judge who lies,

I dare all the notes of life with delicacy and I play them in gratitude, a simple acknowledgment toward all the evils of the earth that allowed us to grow.

Thanks so much to You, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and to all instructors and people present.

Poem by Kenavo Tugdual Le Guillard, translation by Valérie Desarmes

Drawing of Dejamling by Carole Georges

Drawing of Dejamling by Carole Georges


Preparation of the Kalong by Sebastien Crouquet, Stoffelina Verdonk, Jean François Ayme and Laurent Poureau.

Thanks to all collaborating in the teaching, including the seven instructors that came and joined us from all over the planet!

Thanks to the Gakyil for organizing and also to the responsibles, Elerin Uibu
and Carole Georges.




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