The London Center

unnamedDear All,


We are very happy to announce we exchanged contracts on our new London Center at 4pm on the 21st April.

Thank you so much for all your generous support and for making this project possible.

We will be completing our purchase on the 15th May in time for Rinpoche’s visit to London. We hope he will officially name and consecrate the Centre during his stay.

We will be doing a London Center Presentation during the retreat on the 23rd May when you can learn more about the facilities of our new city Ling. It will also be possible to see what the new Centre will look like when it opens in September 2015.

In order to complete the fit-out and refurbishment of the Center, we still need to raise a further £20,000.

Please participate in our exciting fundraising activities, such as our upcoming auction and raffle, to help us raise these additional funds to make the Center ready for the launch our inspiring new programme of London events! More details on this are coming soon..

P.S. Don’t forget to book your place for the London retreat with Rinpoche (23-24th May) HERE.

Best wishes,

Olga Komendatova



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