The Vajra Dance of Space, Khalong Dorje Kar Retreat

Dear Vajra family,

On July 22-29, 2020, The Vajra Dance of Space, Khalong Dorje Kar retreat with Prima Mai was held in Kunsangar North via teleconference from Merigar.

This was the first experience of conducting the Vajra Dance teaching retreat via teleconference and it was great! In Kunsangar North, with the assistance of two experienced instructors – Natalia Makarova and Ulyana Sokolova – 38 participants learned steps, movements’ directions and mudras of Khalong Dorje Kar Dance.

We express our sincere gratitude to Prima Mai for transmitting the precious teaching, inspiration and love for this unique method, and also to the organizers of the retreat and the technical support team of both Gars who made this retreat possible.

With love,
Gakyil of Kunsangar North 

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