Three Milestones in the Evolution of Mankind

three milestones evolution mankind

Dear friends of the Shang Shung Institute Austria and supporters of our translation projects,

Today I have an interesting question for you, according to my dream of last night: please reflect on the question, what have been the real milestones in the evolution of human mankind?

In spite of the fact that there have actually been too many milestones to be mentioned briefly, I want to pick out just three, which in my understanding are related to our three dimensions of body, voice and mind:
– the ability to walk in the upright position – it made us superior to the animals in some way
– the conscious use of fire – it was the starting point of using external and internal energies
– the invention of writing – for the first time thoughts could somehow been made visible in an external form.

We know that there have been many more milestones like the understanding of the application of medicine for curing diseases or recently the invention of internet, but all innovations have one aspect in common: they made our lives much easier and opened up new possibilities for us. As everything is interdependent and nothing can exist by itself, each innovation was again the base for further developments and progress. We have gone ahead until our present moment in that way.

The Shang Shung Institute Austria is strongly connected to the third major milestone of human mankind: writing. Many extraordinary masters of the past, but also of the present, have written down some indications and advice about the nature of the mind and of how to discover our real nature within ourselves. Without essential writing the transmission of this knowledge would not be possible, even though the nature of the letters is sound and not its form.

Most of these unique texts exist only in Tibetan and need to be translated so that their real meaning is transformed into a language that is somehow easy for us to understand, even though these texts or wisdom are always very cryptic and not easy to understand.

However, without a translation from Tibetan into English, the meaning of these texts would remain hidden for most of us, as we have not had time or capacity to study and learn Tibetan with a qualified teacher for 20 or 30 years.

Just for that reason the Shang Shung Institute has been dedicated to two translation projects, KA-TER and COMPLETE WORKS OF CHÖGYAL NAMKHAI NORBU, for the last 15 years. Our main translators, Adriano Clemente and Elio Guarisco, are not only highly qualified but have dedicated nearly all their lives to the study of Tibetan language and to the translation of Tibetan texts into English.

In the history of Tibet there have been many marvellous and outstanding translators like Vairocana and many others. In order to free these translators from the daily struggle for food and lodging, the translators were supported by monasteries and by private donors so that the translators could entirely concentrate on their translations.

Actually the situation of the translators has not changed much since the time of Vairocana: they still depend on the generosity of donors.

Since 2002 translators like Adriano, Elio, Jim Valby and others, have been able to focus on their translations due to regular and generous donations from supporters of the worldwide Dzogchen Community.

And in these last 15 years many translations were published after being carefully checked, revised and edited by our qualified team of Shang Shung Publications.

On behalf of the translators I want to say THANK YOU for keeping up the tradition of supporting the translators so that we also will have correct translations of these unique and most precious texts.

For 2017 the Shang Shung Institute Austria is still missing 12,000 Euro in order to cover all the expenses that we had for translations. Please support all our activities in order to be able to carry them out also in the future, for the benefit of all coming generations.

Thank you so much for your support.

Please send your donation to our bank account:
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Each donor will receive a LETTER OF CONFIRMATION and also a small present if you send me your postal address.

Thank you so much for your understanding and your generosity.

Very best season’s wishes and all the best to you,

Oliver Leick
Director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria
Gersdorfberg 19
8212 Pischelsdorf
Tel.: 0043 664 8866 2660





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