Three Vajra Dance Course in Marseille, France

With Lorraine Gaultier, January 19 – 20, 2019

three vajra dance course marseilleA few days ago, I had the great pleasure of participating again in a Vajra Dance workshop. I was already looking forward to this beautiful event, but what a joy it was! Beyond the simple pleasure of being part of the course and living it fully with a super group of people, I met some people again and I discovered most of the others – and in such great energy, presence …  this weekend remains unforgettable and magical!

Certainly, the quality of teaching and availability of our luminous instructor Lorraine, who gives each time a framework of sharing in the sweetness and the love. But also, the place and the people managing the global dynamics of the various meetings around these practices and the participants in a time suspended between Earth and Heaven!

three vajra dance course marseille
All of this allowed me to feel and to understand more the practice of the Dance on the Mandala, and I’m looking forward to future dates and new reunions. I express my very great gratitude and I wish to be able more and more to practice with these beautiful approaches and spiritual paths, for even more authentic shared joy and energies!


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