Tibetan Calendar for Free in the Sangha App

Dear Vajra Family,

With great joy, we can offer you what you were asking for. You can start to use Tibetan calendar in the latest version of the Sangha App!

So far it contains the DAILY ASPECT with the following details:

* Tibetan lunar & western date
* Personal aspects (according to weekdays & energy constellations)
* General aspects (Minor, Major, Particular combinations & Other indications)
* Anniversaries, Ganapujas & other recommended practices
* Travel & Haircut indications

Special days & practices are aligned with the Shang Shung Tibetan calendar. And it was implemented in collaboration with K. Selwa’s Alendar project. Available for free.

Soon, there will published also the Year and Birth aspects, Surgery days and translations to other languages.

Just update your Sangha App version or download it:


Download PDF