Tibetan Language Course in Prague with Fabian Sanders

May 17-19, 2019

We were pleased to host Fabian Sanders in Prague, Czech Republic, after several years. This time he taught a course of Tibetan Language for Beginners. It was amazing to see how many people are interested in this unique language. Tibet was isolated for centuries and preserved its language, culture and knowledge.  Studying and learning Tibetan opens possibilities to understand many precious texts written by our Master and can also help in future to preserve knowledge for future generations.

Fabian gave a great introduction with many examples and we are also preparing to continue our studies. We are very happy that part of the Atiyoga Foundation –  School for Tibetan Language and Translation has such a good teachers and brings us possibilities to study and deepen our knowledge of Tibetan language and Drajyor. As it was precious day – Vesakh – we held a Ganapuja in the evening and after that Fabian also gave us more information about the activities of the school and its projects – Drajyor online learning tool and unique online Tibetan language tool for translators and students, so there will be more unlimited possibilities for those who are interested and want to continue studying. Many beautiful projects arise to spread correct knowledge of Drajyor and Tibetan language and we are happy we can support them.

We spent some beautiful sunny days in Prague and hope that the photos will tell you more about the  joy and pleasure of being together and studying.

For those who want to deepen their Tibetan language skills they can already book for the Tibetan language course at Merigar East, 28th August – 7th September in Romania. More details to be released soon.

Together with love

Gakyil of Kunkyabling and Merigar East

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