Tibetan Language Beginners’ Course & Spoken Tibetan Course

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The Shang Shang Foundation – School for Tibetan language is happy to announce two new initiatives for the study of Tibetan language at Merigar West this autumn!

Tibetan Language Beginners’ Course in three weekends (September 23-24, October 7-8 and 21-22) dedicated to learning reading and writing Tibetan language, with frontal lessons, calligraphy workshops and exercises.

A 5 day course (October 16-20) for spoken Tibetan, Lhasa dialect with Lobsang Zatul, a native Tibetan.

Places are limited. Please write to m.pansa@shangshunginstitute.org to enrol.


Tibetan Language Beginners’ Course at Merigar West   

With Fabian Sanders, Giorgio Dallorto and the special participation of Lobsang Zatul


Three weekends dedicated to learning reading and writing Tibetan language, with frontal lessons, calligraphy workshops and exercises.

September 23-24: on the first weekend we will study the pronunciation and the form of the thirty letters and four vowel signs of the Tibetan language in uchen form (block letters).

October 7-8: the second weekend will be devoted to the study of the structure of Tibetan syllables in their various parts.

October 21-22: we will refine our pronunciation with the help of Lobsang Zatul and will learn simple sentences in colloquial Tibetan (Lhasa dialect).

In the second module we will dive into the grammar of the Tibetan language and refine our mastery of Tibetan calligraphy in uchen and umed (cursive). The course will be divided into several weekends, starting November 18-19 with the following weekends to be announced.

Participation: The course is based on a free donation (suggested 45 € per weekend, 108 € for the three weekends of the first module). All are welcome, both complete beginners as well as students of Tibetan language.

Number of participants is limited!


Colloquial Tibetan course with Lobsang Zatul

October 16-20
A 5 day course dedicated to those who know a little Tibetan and want to deepen their knowledge of the colloquial language, Lhasa dialect, learning simple sentences and the underlying grammatical principles under the guidance of a native Tibetan with extensive teaching experience.

A free offering for the course is welcome (suggested donation 85 euro)

The instructors

Tibetan Language Beginners' Course


Fabian Sanders has studied Asian languages, traditions and cultures extensively. In recent years he has concentrated on teaching classical Tibetan Language at university level and for the Shang Shung Foundation. He has been a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu for more than twenty years



Tibetan Language Beginners' Course


Giorgio Dallorto is a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and since the seventies has cultivated his knowledge of Tibetan culture. In recent years he has studied Tibetan classical Tibetan language and Tibetan calligraphy with Fabian Sanders and Tashi Mannox respectively.


Tibetan Language Beginners' CourseLobsang Zatul was born in Tibet, left Tibet at the age of eleven and has lived in Switzerland since 1963. He was fortunate to grow up with his parents who taught him correct Tibetan. He has been teaching Tibetan, both language and script, to Tibetans and non-Tibetans for more than thirty years.

As a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu he is devoting his time and energy to the preservation of the Tibetan language.




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