Tibetan Medicine Hospice Training

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The Shang Shung Foundation is pleased to announce….

 Tibetan Medicine Hospice Training at Dzamling Gar

with Dr. Phuntsog Wangmo

 April 19th – 23rd,  9am – 12pm and 2-4pm

Price: 240 Euro (50% discount for students, pensioners and unemployed)

In the medicine world we are always trying to do our best for the patient’s health, but there is always a point when death is inevitable. At this moment, according to Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Buddhism, understanding the nature of death and how to guide this process is very important.

When this very special and sacred time comes it is essential for the patient to feel peace and harmony. That’s where profound care and true compassion from a healer can have a very strong effect.

This workshop is to share this knowledge in three main areas:

1.The Nature of Dying

In the Buddha’s Teachings it is understood that death is a natural transition that all beings will undertake. This transition is also considered to be a spiritually important moment in the cycle of life. By better understanding this process, life can be lived with more presence and others can be better guided through this sacred moment.

2.The Signs of Death

In the Gyud Zhi, the four main texts for learning Traditional Tibetan Medicine, it is taught that there are unique and specific signs of both distant and impending death. By knowing these signs one can understand when to continue treating a disease and when it is time to turn towards preparing both the patient and family for the dying process.

3.Hospice care

With the understanding of the natural process of dying and the signs of its impending approach, one can learn the most important aspect, that of making someone comfortable through this intense transition. Tibetan Medicine offers a rich knowledge of natural tools to soothe the physical suffering of the dying process. These tools supported by a compassionate heart of presence and awareness make it possible to provide the dying and their loved ones with a smooth journey onward.

For registration and questions contact Matthew Schmookler:  matthews108@gmail.com


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