Ka-Ter Translation Project Tibetan Online Course

tibetan online course

The School for Tibetan Language and Translation is very happy to announce a new online initiative to deepen our knowledge of the Tibetan language as a means to better understand the Teachings.

We are planning a 2-hour online meeting every two/three weeks from 5-7pm (Italian time), Tuesday or Wednesday according to circumstances, in which we will focus on some parts of the Tibetan text of “The Precious Vase” by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and of extended excerpts from texts quoted therein. The ‘Precious Vase’ is an ideal text for the study of Tibetan language. It features numerous quotes from a variety of classical texts linked by passages in modern literary Tibetan. The topics discussed are ideal to form an important basic vocabulary of Buddhist terminology.

FIRST MEETING: JANUARY 24, Wednesday 5-7pm CET

FEBRUARY Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 21, 5-7pm CET
MARCH Tuesday 6 and Tuesday 20 5-7pm CET
APRIL Wednesday 4 and Tuesday 17 5-7pm CEST
MAY Wednesday 9 and Tuesday 22 5-7pm CEST
JUNE Wednesday 6 and Tuesday 19 5-7pm CEST
JULY Wednesday 4, 5-7pm CEST
For more info write to m.pansa@shangshunginstitute.org

Requirement: The students need to be able to read Tibetan and must have basic knowledge of Tibetan grammar. The working language is English.

Join us!

Very best wishes,
Oliver Leick
Director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria
Gersdorfberg 19
8212 Pischelsdorf
Tel.: 0043 664 8866 2660
Mail: office@ssi-austria.at
Web: www.ssi-austria.at

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