Upcoming Retreat with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu at Baja, Tsegyalgar West

Pond-in-Arroyo1December 26 – 31, 2014

We are thrilled to announce Rinpoche will be with us for 6 days and teach on an Ati Dzogchen text called “Jangchub Semgom”—one of the original main texts translated and transmitted by the great teacher Vairocana.


Rinpoche wishes to hold the retreat at the Gar, which is truly a special occasion for us all.

beachSince lodging at the gar is limited both for cabins and camping, only people who pre-register quickly and indicate that preference will have the chance to stay at the gar.

Others will need to stay at a hotel in San Jose. We have two “message boards” on the registration page, one for people who wish to share a hotel room and another for people who wish to share a rental car.
No payment is due at pre-registration, but we gratefully accept donations and sponsorships.

1162850-R1-009-3We charge only for accommodations and food, and those fees cover only a fraction of our costs.

The retreat ends on December 31; we are planning a New Year’s celebration and some special events on January 1 that we hope you can attend. Plane tickets are pricey at this time of year, and flights are often fully booked. Your arrival airport is San Jose del Cabo (SJD).

We need to limit the numbers of cars allowed to drive up to the gar. People must park further down the road, and we will organize transport by van from the lower road up to the gar.


Food: We will provide 3 meals/day for all onsite residents and lunch for commuters, for a fee. The December 31 dinner is an additional option.

Airport transportation: we can only offer it to people lodged at the gar, at $20 each way.

Volunteers: we need people to help out! Please offer a few hours of your time by marking “willing to volunteer” on the registration page; we will send you a list of possibilities to choose from.

Once you have pre-registered, we will confirm your lodging and then you can proceed to payment. You are not registered until: 1. You have filled out the registration page, and 2. You have paid the full fee.

We look forward to sharing with you this marvelous event.

The TW Gakyil



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