Update on Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s Health

After recent events, we all feel happy and more serene for the health of our precious Teacher, who, after deciding to cancel various commitments and to rest and regain his health, is happy and relaxed. We would like to thank everyone, absolutely everyone, for their support in making this painful decision.

Regarding the health of our Teacher, we would like to make the situation clearer as well as what has been done since the symptoms of illness appeared:

after a general visit, a complete checkup was carried out – an MRI scan, a Doppler ultrasound, bone analysis, blood analysis, electrocardiogram, etc. – at a first class clinic.

Specialists working at the clinic had previously been informed about the patient and studied his medical history, old medical records, his way of life (how much he sleeps, how much he travels), his way of working. In short they received information about everything.

After completing all the analyses, the various specialists gathered for the consultation and, together, made their comments and evaluations, also speaking to our Teacher.

To summarise, they all agreed that what is being done for the patient is correct and useful for improving his physical condition. It is good for his general condition, for his age, his personality, nature, and sensitivity.

We hope that this clarification may reassure you even more.

Thank you all for the love you have shown for the Teacher and we send you our warmest greetings.

The Namkhai Family

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