Update from Tsegyalgar East, USA

Tsegyalgar East would like to thank our precious Rinpoche for all the Teachings he gave us, our global (local and international) Vajra family, all our marvelous practice leaders, our generous instructors, and our wonderful translators for being the silver lining throughout these COVID-19 filled months of 2020.

Thanks to our entire sanghas commitment and the marvels of technology, we continue to practice together daily online, and support one another during these very difficult times. It is a comfort and a joy to practice with our worldwide Vajra family whose Zoom images appear on our computer screens whether they are a few miles down the road or halfway across the world.

Since March 2020, all of Tsegyalgar Easts formal programming has been online, with only some informal summer practices on Khandroling attended by a few locals. We have managed an active online weekly schedule inclusive of Ganapujas with Vajra Dance of 12 A, Mandarava, Yantra Yoga, Practice of the Precious Vase, Jnanadakini, Guardian, and Shitro among others. You have joined us for practice retreats like Dream Yoga,Tara, Mandarava, Jnana Dakini, and Understanding the Primordial State. This week, during Rinpoches Birthday Anniversary week we sit together as we listen to him teach us the Khordas Rangdrol from the Dra Thalgyur Tantra.

You, our dear Vajra family have not only supported Tsegyalgar Easts programs, and reinforced our sense of global community through practice, but you have also helped us fund the restoration and landscaping of the Khandroling Stupa.

We look forward to seeing you soon in a post pandemic world.

With deep gratitude,

Tsegyalgar East

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