Update on the IDC Annual General Meeting

April 16, 2017

by Mark Farrington

The International Dzogchen Community (IDC) passed some important milestones in 2016 and we used this opportunity at the IDC Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Dzamling Gar to share these with the global Sangha; both those present and via Webcast. We were especially grateful to Rinpoche for opening our 3rd IDC AGM with a strong and clear message of support to the International Gakyil (IG) entrusted with this ‘project’ of realizing a global community linked together via IDC affiliation. (see Mirror)

The highlights of the presentation concentrated on updates to the global alignment process and changes in membership trends. The IG also introduced the budget and plans for 2017-18 and introduced the new IG members joining from April 2017.

In the slides that follow you can see, firstly, the full organizational view of IDC, which now includes many dimensions of collaboration. Important points of contact for members are Global Course Coordinator Emmanuel Jouan, Global Membership Coordinator, and IDC Administration Team headed by Rita Renzi and supported by Daniela Garbo. The IG is very grateful to these karma yogis that selflessly donate their time year after year.

After little change in 2015, the membership growth trend returned to positive in 2016, and in particular we saw strong growth in Samtengar, Kunsangar and Dzamling Gar membership.

There are also updates on Webcast connection trends and number of authorized Instructors practicing around the world.

Financially, IDC remains in very healthy condition, thanks to the stable membership of our Gars and Lings globally. We are grateful for all the efforts done at the grassroots level in support of membership. We also thank all Gakyils for helping us with our surveys from time to time, where we try to incorporate the local wisdom in our global guidelines and ensure we are learning from everyone’s unique experiences.

The focus of 2017-18 budget and strategic priorities are on 1) an improved communication strategy, 2) formalizing collaboration and synergies with Shang Shung Foundation and 3) support to Gakyils of Dzaming Gar and Tsegyalgar West where IDC has an ownership and administrative role to play. We also continue with our on-going priorities of legal alignment of all Gars and Lings, and publication of global standards & guidelines for teaching courses. The project to develop a single, umbrella web portal for the IDC is another on-going area of focus carried over from last year.

It was our first IDC AGM since the passing Enrico Dell’Angelo, the first IDC President. We paid tribute to his legacy and highlighted the many achievements realised under his leadership from 2012-2016. May all future Presidents and IG members live up to his high standards.

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