Events at Kunsangar N & S

Kunsangar North

SMS Level One Meditation Retreat




On the 8-10 March 2014 we had a practice retreat “Ati Yoga Meditation from the SMS 1st  level” with SMS teacher Igor Berkhin. There were about 60 participants, and the program was quite intensive – 16 hours of explanations and practice, plus daily webcasts of Rinpoche’s teaching from Meriling. For those who wanted even more there was also daily practice of Yantra Yoga, Vajra Dance and Mandarava Chudlen. Thanks to Igor and to all participants for these three days full of bright sun, spring inspiration and joyful experiences!





Vajra Dance Retreat

photo by Dmitry Vaganov

photo by Dmitry Vaganov

Vajra Dance retreat with Luda Kislichenko at Kunsangar North 8-9 February 2014. Luda recently moved to Spain, but because she was in Moscow, we had a rare opportunity to participate in this retreat which was a review and correction of all the Vajra Dance and the 12 A. We also studied the new Tibetan dances and repeated the ones we had already studied.


Kunsangar South, Karmaling, Ukraine


SMS base and 1st level retreat with Alexander Gomonov 8-18 January 2014 at Karmaling, Kharkov DC, Ukraine.



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