Vajra Dance Costumes

To have or not to have a Vajra Dance Costume, this is the question.

Prima-front500Many who seriously practice the Vajra Dance have not yet decided to purchase the Vajra Dance costume.

In 2010 Rinpoche received precise instructions through his dream clarity with even more recent instructions for some subtle changes in the design and proportions of the patterns of the Vajra Dance costume.

It is a very complex multicolored costume, with five separate parts: trousers, shirt, shambu or apron, jacket and finally also now completely available with an interesting headdress.

What benefit does it have and why did it come into existence in our dimension?

Prima-back500We know that the main and absolute realization of the Vajra Song and Dance is being and continuing in the state of contemplation, beyond and not depending only on outer aspects or ornaments.

Everything resonates and colors also resonate with our liquid and cellular structure and have an effect on our physical being, as do forms, sounds, thoughts etc.

In addition, Rinpoche’s teachings state that when we enter and activate the Mandala with the Vajra Dance, we are in a pure dimension, and the symbolic form of the Mandala as well as the Vajra Dance costume support being in this awareness and entering this presence. They enhance the syncronicity of the dancers.

pawo-robert-copia500We use the Vajra Dance costume as a support of our practice. It is beneficial for coordinating and harmonizing our elements, resonating with the sounds and movements and our real condition.

The headdress is still quite a new experience. It is a beautifully handcrafted item made by our Hungarian Dzogchen practitioners following Rinpoche’s clear instructions.

A five-colored spiral, which somewhat reminds me of the DNA Spiral, winds clockwise for males and anticlockwise for females, around three peacock feathers. The peacock feather symbolizes our real nature, pure from the beginning while the three thigles probably represent our body, speech and mind and their inseparable interdependence.

pawo-back-robert500We are aware that the manifestation in our dimension of the Vajra Dance, the Mandalas, and the costume is quite marvelous, almost like a mystery novel. We are fortunate to connect with this teaching in this samsaric existence. The Vajra Dance costume empowers us to be what we truly are already, it supports our presence and possibly also our health, and helps to mature our practice through integrating this resonance of colors with the sounds of mantra and with our inner state and secret sound.

The price seems a lot, but it is truly not.  Five handcrafted different pieces of silk with many patterns need to be sewn and sometimes we need to make personal adjustments afterwards. Unfortunately it is not possible to produce the costumes in many different sizes or have them tailormade at this price.

We will have more occasions to wear it, also depending on more practitioners having a costume.

Very often, on occasions during which the costume could be worn, some practitioners did not have a costume and it created complications.  The development and evolution of the Vajra Dance depends on all our unlimited participation.

There is also no limit to wearing the costume. If we go for Vajra Dance practice, we can always wear it, being aware of the circumstances.

ornamento-robert600All those who take this teaching seriously and understand its infinite benefits, not only for ourselves but also for our outer dimension, please consider making the effort to own a Vajra Dance costume. It is part of this profound teaching and since Rinpoche asked for its development, then there is a reason and it is not just for wearing something nice.

With the Vajra Dance we will have more global coordinated practice together, where we will wear the costume dedicating to the peace and evolution in this world and benefit for all sentient beings.

With gratitude to our Master, the source of infinite inspiration and wisdom.

Prima Mai – 18.04.2015


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