Vajra Dance Global Practice Events

vajra dance global practice eventsShall we evolve from our daily, weekly or monthly Vajra Dance Tun practices and include monthly coordinated global practice events on full moon days?

The small Vajra Dance mandala symbolizes the pure dimension of our earth and is actually inseparable from the medium or solar system mandala and the large or universal mandala, even when they are not visible due to the limited available space. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche once told me that the Vajra Dance on its mandala is not only a symbol of the inseparability of the inner dimension of the human condition and its outer dimension, the earth, but goes beyond the narrow human condition, reaching out even further, inseparably linked with other dimensions through our solar system and the universe; all is interwoven and interdependent. This is one aspect in the symbol of the large Vajra Dance mandala.

Very recently scientists discovered that the moon lies inside the earth’s atmosphere, hence the earth’s atmosphere is much bigger than previously thought, extending far beyond the moon. Maybe in the future there will be new discoveries about how the subtle levels of the energy spheres of all the planets extend, measurable beyond infrared and today’s technology. They may even discover that all these planetary spheres interconnect and exchange information. They might discover similar energies extending from our swirling solar system, dancing and being interconnected with other systems throughout our galaxy and even all the infinite spiraling galaxies with their infinite dimensions beyond limited space and time being interconnected, as the symbol of the universal mandala suggests.

vajra dance global practice events

During his teachings we have heard Rinpoche point out that being in the state of contemplation, integrating collectively with the Song and also the Dance of the Vajra worldwide is very important. It has benefits such as more clarity and peaceful development for individuals, societies and countries.
We practice the Song and symbolic Dances of the Vajra from our devotion to Rinpoche and for our individual realization, inseparable from dedicating all merits to all sentient beings. We wish from all our hearts, from true knowledge, unconditional love or bodhicitta energy, and imagine all sentient beings awakening to an unconditioned state of mind, entering a path to liberation from suffering, and acting for the benefit of others. We wish this for the smallest insect and even for our worst enemies.

Our refuge in the path or wish to engage fully in the light of wisdom and knowledge with an unconditioned state of mind, the coordination of our body through breath, sound and movement, integrating with phases of contemplation and being not even for an instant separate from bodhicitta energy and dedication are the keys to the realization of internal happiness as well.

When we collaborate, we already know that we become stronger together rather than struggling alone. Throughout human history Dance and Song in general have been a method to strengthen and benefit the wellbeing of a Community, which is one reason why, in the last years of his life, Rinpoche also developed Khaita Joyful Dances in which everyone can spontaneously and immediately participate, with or without transmission, with meaningful songs, inviting his students to sing and dance together every day.

When knowledge is applied positively, unconditioned by pride, envy, jealousy, positions etc., we support and enhance each other’s qualities, or strengthen them when they are weak. When knowledge is applied but lacks bodhicitta, it can do the opposite and block the potential and development of others. When we do collective practice together at the same time, we strengthen and generate a positive field of energy. It’s not necessary to visualize, pray or even fully believe in it. It happens simply through the intention and motivation to do it together. That is how, in the extreme opposite, even wars take place and why they become so powerful.

We already have global Vajra Dance practices on important anniversaries, like the birthday of Rinpoche, when we pay homage, honoring and energizing all the sources of our knowledge, purifying and renewing our commitments for the benefit of beings.

For generating a more continuous and more powerful positive field of connectivity and its benefits, the motivation arose to activate the mandalas and practice all together globally also every month, on full moon days. The full moon is a good day for Long Life practices, as we already do together, not only for prolonging life, but also for enhancing all relative aspects needed for a healthy, thriving and prosperous life.  Rinpoche rediscovered the cycle of the Vajra Dance teachings, also called The Light of the Precious Lamp, belonging to the series of Longsal teachings or The Luminous Clarity of the Universe, Innermost Esence of the Dakinis during his personal retreats of the Long Life practice of Mandarava.

In addition the full moon day is a day of international celebration. Buddhists and groups from other religious or spiritual backgrounds meditate or apply contemplative practices on this day with essentially the same motivations, dedicating them to healing, to the welfare of others, evolution and peace on our globe.
Scientific studies have been done on the positive results generated through an increased coherence within even a small percentage of a population. It increases harmony and wellbeing, even beyond a nation’s borders, improves international relations and reduces international conflicts.

vajra dance global practice eventsThis network of global efforts during our insecure times and continuous conflicts is an important motivation for us to participate on a global scale. Supporting each other in our good intentions and efforts corresponds with Rinpoche’s teachings. Everyone can participate through movement or sitting still, generating as much bodhicittaenergy as possible in same time periods together.

What should we do if we don’t know the Dance of the Song of the Vajra? Depending our circumstances, with Tara or Long Life practices or essential Dzogchen Guruyoga practice, we integrate in contemplation with singing or/and dancing the Song of the Vajra on a mandala, sitting on the correct triangles for males and females or outside the mandala. On this day we can also spend a longer time in contemplation after the Song and Dance of the Vajra and before empowering our dedication with mantra. If we “only” sing the Song of the Vajra, we can also continue and apply any other Vajra Dance we know. Even each Vajra Dance specifically connects through sound to different aspects of our existence. They are all of the same essence, represented with the sound and dance of the unborn through the symbol of A in a thigleor circle symbolizing beyond limitation. And since space is pure energy connecting all beyond limitations, if we know how to continue in the state of contemplation by applying harmonious movement, we can also integrate with the Vajra Dance of Space of the 12 A.

vajra dance global practice eventsOn these days we can also wear the Vajra Dance costume, symbol of our inner pure mandala and real nature. If we are fortunate and find ourselves on a Mandala in a beautiful peaceful setting, displaying the five elements in harmony, we can mirror our karmic fortune by wearing the Crown, the Vajra Dance headset. It consists of three peacock feathers, surrounded by five colored strings spiraling clock or counterclockwise around them, symbolizing specifically the non-duality of the potentials and powers of the enlightened mind in the female and male and the realization of the potentials of our three inseparable existences linked to the Three Jewels: the Buddha or teacher as the symbol of the Source and our real potential; Dharmaor the knowledge coming from the teaching or illuminating exchange or awakened state, and the Sanghaor the Community living by this wisdom, the enlightened society.

vajra dance global practice eventsBelow you can find the calendar for all global Vajra Dance practice days high lighting days falling on weekends or holidays, when it’s possible to organize more extensive practice days, retreats or events.

We are all invited to organize public events particularly on April 29 each year. This is International Dance Day, dedicated to all forms of dance and organized by the International Dance Council “CID”, which is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1973 within UNESCO.

This could be one possible date for annually repeating public events on a larger scale dedicated to research, talks, performances and workshops related to dance. These events could take place in a city and be organized with the Atiyoga Foundation and also in collaboration or participating with other organizations, schools, or universities. In any case we include this day with the global practice dedicating merits for increasing recognition of the importance of all forms of dance and arts, fundamental human activities bringing benefits for a healthy and peaceful world.

You can find all necessary information, links and calendar with a worldwide timetable for easy access on our website and visit our new page dedicated to “Globally synchronized practice”.

With gratitude to Rinpoche and all the indispensable practitioners who inspire our continuity in global practices. Thank you Elisha Koppensteiner, Lenka Tschernobay, Thomas Eifler and Robert Czabanski who collaborate to manifest the communication of our intention.

By Prima Mai

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