Vajra Dance in Hyderabad


April 8-10, Tracy Ni, a Vajra Dance instructor, was invited by Doboom Rinpoche to Hyderabad in India, to do a Vajra Dance workshop. This was the first one to be held in India. At the end of the workshop, one of the students wrote a poem to express their wonderful experience with Vajra Dance. We would like to share it with everyone.



Life is a beautiful flow
An eternal dance
Moving from one step to the next
The guidance is there all along the way.

But forgetting sometimes
Taking a step away from life
Away from the natural flow
Getting lost & through getting attached to our own suffering
Feeling helpless & forsaken
Thinking suffering is the only way.

But the realisation that life is ahead of us
And choosing to let go what is behind us
And taking the next step with confidence & courage
And asking for guidance where required
We realize that life itself is a graceful flow
And being totally with it, we see that life itself leads us from one step to the next
Surrendering to what comes is the only way
To connecting to our own true nature which is always showing us the way.

By Dr Radha Vasudevan, Vajra Dance Workshop,Hyderabad. 10th April 2016.

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