Vajra Dance in Ireland

30 Years of Vajra Dance Already and Starting to Continue in Ireland
February 1 – 2, 2020

contributed by Eleonora Jakunskiene and Carisa O’Kelly

Vajra Dancers

Finally, after thirty years of Vajra Dance on our planet, the gateway to learning the Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra has opened in Ireland.

In the past there has been some Vajra Dance activity, mostly hosted (very generously) in Dublin at the martial arts studio of one of our practitioner’s. This studio is no longer available, alas. Here it was that a course in the Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings was held some years ago, taught by Cindy Faulkner.

There are in fact two Vajra Dance Mandalas in Ireland. The second one was purchased after the first proved too big for the aforementioned studio. However, it has been several years since there has been the opportunity to practice the Vajra Dance together. Last year, at the Green Tara Collective Practice retreat in County Mayo, we seized the opportunity, and danced. We also danced the Khalongdorjeikar of the Song of the Vajra on a rudimentary string Khalong, gave instruction on the Khalongdorjeikar of the 12A and, another first, enjoyed Khaita joyful dance sessions together with Thuy Nguyen.

Rainbow over dome with Mandala inside

And so, at the beginning of February 2020, a hardy, dedicated and happy crew convened at the “Avondale Retreat (Space to Evolve)” in the fabulous green forests of the Wicklow Mountains to start this journey together on the Mandala; the first course in the Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra to be held in Ireland. It seems that nature herself was happy for this event and rewarded us with a double rainbow. The course was led by authorized 2nd level instructor Carisa O’Kelly. Over the course of the two days we had together we learned about a quarter of the Dance. Training was pleasantly intensive and fruitful. But also at the same time easy and fun, with breaks for jointly prepared lunch, together with inspired talk and laughter. On Saturday evening after a day of dancing we watched the first hour of
the DVD “Teachings on the Vajra Dance” – to be continued at our next meeting.

Silken Thomas Yew Tree in Maynooth (planted around 1267). The yew is considered to be a sacred tree connected to both death/rebirth and longevity.

National Gallery of Ireland: A luminous work from 1917 by stained glass artist Harry Clarke.

It is not possible to express fully those emotions and feelings that arise during the retreat process. Understanding how happy we are and thankful for the Teaching which has been presented to us by our Master, our Teacher. May His Teaching be for ever and multiply !!!

Thanks Carisa from her homelands’ participants. The next session is proposed to be held in the middle to late April. (exact date TBA). The Mandala is waiting for us. BTW, For the first time in Ireland, we plan to carry out monthly practices of Dance of the Vajra. So far we will only repeat what we have learned, and we hope that soon we will be able to conduct weekly practices.

This was the first weekend of a series in which we traverse the sounds, syllables and steps of the Song of the Vajra until we arrive at the final A; where we will begin again and continue in the Dance…

Our weekend was completed with a visit to the National Gallery of Ireland with it’s wonderful collection (open every day! free admission!)

Vajra Dancers

Endless Thank yous to Our Precious Master for Revealing and Offering this exquisite practice to us and to our two International Vajra Dance Teachers, Prima Mai and Adriana dal Borgo for their tireless dedication, care and example for the benefit of all beings.

The next weekend of the cycle will be in April 2020.
Further information to follow.

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