Vajra Dance for the Benefit of All Sentient Beings in Minsk

vajra dance minsk

A course on the Vajra Dance for the Benefit of All Sentient Beings with Lena Chernobai-Kroh took place on 1-2 September 2018 in Minsk, Belarus.

We express our gratitude to Elena from new people who got in touch with this method of the Teaching for the first time for her patience and help during the study of the dance!

vajra dance minsk

The Vajra Dance practitioners are also greatful for this possibility to do this course a second time and receive precious advice and recommendations during the educational process! Our mutual communication expanded and deepened the understanding of all nuances of this method.

Simplicity and accessibility of the instructor’s explanations, the participants’ organization and big interest, as well as the quiet and friendly atmosphere during the course made it effective, pleasant and remarkable for all!

With love,
Minsk Dzogchen Community Jigdralling

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