Vajra Dance Presentation at Kunsangar North


Vajra Dance Presentation on the Mandala

During the open course on Harmonious Breathing with Fabio Andrico at Kunsangar North, Vajra Dance instructors Olga Nimachuk and Manidari Dobdonova made a presentation of the Vajra Dance that Benefits All Beings which was accepted with gratitude and participation by the public.

Vajra Dance on the MandalaOlga and Manidari explained about the Mandala, the Vajra Dance method and the relation of the steps to the energetic points on the Earth. The audience was especially interested in this information and after the demonstration of the Dance people asked questions about the location of such places on our planet.

Thanks to the Vajra Dance we can harmonize and deeply relax our body, energy and mind using sound and movement. The practice of the Dance integrates the internal dimension of the individual with the external one, brings invaluable benefit for discovering knowledge of our natural state and integration with the primordial condition.

There will be more new open courses soon. We thank the dancers, instructors and all those who helped in organising this presentation.

See you on the Mandala!

Participants holding hands around the mandala

Evgeniya Edutova

The Dance of the Vajra is part of the Dzogchen Teachings transmitted by the world renowned Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

The Vajra Dance can be practiced by up to twelve dancers, six men and six women. Following precise sequences of steps, the men move in a clockwise direction while the women move counter-clockwise on a big, five-colored mandala of concentric circles and triangles.
The movements are coordinated by the sound of sacred syllables (mantras), which can be found in the original texts of the Dzogchen Teaching. On special occasions, the dancers may wear original multi-colored Vajra Dance costumes.

Since 1991 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has taught four different Vajra Dances which can be practiced separately or combined together.

To learn the Dance of the Vajra one should attend a course led by a qualified teacher of the International Dzogchen Community. Afterwards the dance can be practiced on mandalas all over the World.

Since 2011 the Dance of the Vajra has been associated with the CID, the International Dance Council, founded in 1973 by UNESCO.



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