Vajra Dance Refresher Course at Tsegyalgar East


At the Vajra Hall,  the week of August 20-28th, 2016 – we enjoyed a Vajra Dance Refresher Course, led by Bodhi Krause. Scheduling three sessions; morning, afternoon and evening – allowed over 20 practitioners to attend.

The course was open to all who had received transmission and have an interest in the Vajra Dance; beginners were sometimes trying the dances for the first time, while advanced practitioners were able to refresh and deepen their experience.

We studied: The “Dance of the Song of the Vajra,” the “Dance of the Vajra that Benefits Beings,” the “Dance of the Three Vajras,” and the “Vajra Dance of the Dimension of Space (12 As),” all inseparably linked to the transmission of the Dzogchen Teaching.

Blessings and gratitude to Rinpoche for transmission of these precious dances and to our Vajra Dance teacher Bodhi for sharing his knowledge and love of the dance with us.

A special thanks to Tu-Vi Luong for teacher care; Kathleen Fekete and Lori Leff for care of the Universal Mandala; Nary Mitchell, Gerard Miller and Kim Truitt for providing rides to the Vajra Hall; to all who gave their support and participated in this refresher course; and to those who made the sacred space of the Universal Mandala and Vajra Hall possible.

Nancy Paris
Tsegyalgar East


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