Vajra Dance of the Song of The Vajra at Rinchenling Moscow

vajra dance rinchenling

Dear Vajra family!

We want to share with you our joy of the Vajra Dance of the Song of The Vajra course for beginners at Rinchenling in Moscow. The course consisted of two parts. In the fall of 2018 we learnt the first part of the Dance, and in the winter of 2019 the second one.

vajra dance rinchenling

We understand that the Vajra Dance is the deepest method given by our Master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. This time almost 20 practitioners had the opportunity to have their first experience of this practice, or to do the course again repeating the steps and clarifying the details.

Although we had only one mandala for the Dance, thanks to the experience of our instructors and collaboration among the practitioners, all the participants had the possibility to learn the whole Dance completely.

vajra dance rinchenling
Being there in the practice hall, we had a great wish that as many living creatures as possible would have the opportunity to practice this precious method and to receive all the benefits it brings. Thank you, dear Master, for giving us this opportunity!

We express heartfelt thanks to our instructors of the Vajra Dance – Ulyana Sokolova, Olga Nimachuk and Tatyana Pronicheva for giving us their precious knowledge and time.

With love,
Participants of the Vajra Dance of The Song of The Vajra course in Moscow (Rinchenling)

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