The Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings at Samyasling

vajra dance samyasling melbourne
The long weekend June 8-11, 2018, in Melbourne saw a mixed group of seasoned Vajra dancers and beginners enjoying the wonderful Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings.
Vajra dance teacher Rosemary Friend kindly flew from Alice Springs to teach us.

Also on the Sunday we were privileged to have extra help from retired Vajra Dance teacher emeritus Lynne Geary; many thanks for her experienced tuition. We were also grateful to the Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church for granting us for 2 sessions access to their sacred space in their hall. Their motto is “seek the truth and serve humanity” and their icon a lit candle in a blue chalice which was non-dual with our approach.

At Fleming Park Hall on the Saturday and Sunday with 2 mandalas being utilised, veterans of the dance could fine tune mudras, footprints and timing under Rosemary’s guidance, likewise beginners got the basics from her, as well as later following experienced dancers. Much gratitude to Rosemary and all who participated, with Helen displaying inspiring capacity to participate by flying from Tasmania for the course. Emaho!

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